Welcome to a very strange corner of the internet.

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The Home of Stu.

Hey there, I’m Stu. Nice to meet you. I don’t know what brought you here today, but I can assure you one thing – you won’t forget this experience. You’re about to find out that I like creating stuff and try new things.

I always want to create something might leave people somewhat ‘stupefied’. Lost for words. Befuddled.  Although I hope in the end it’s in a good way, which is why I created this website.

This site is not about anything in particular. There’s a blog, possibly some vlogs, but definitely no clogs. It has opinion, fact, fiction, photos, photoshopped photos and tomfoolery.

So come on in and take a look around, see if there’s something that makes you laugh, or you might find an awe-inspiring story that expands your mind. Join in, discuss and maybe you can expand my mind too? The internet is full of websites that are purely built for a purpose, but I created this site to be virtually purposeless and completely unconventional.

I mostly use this as a test-bed. A place for me to learn new skills (such as HTML, CSS and Photoshop) and share some of my knowledge back.

What can I expect to find here?

Visual stories

I recently started to practice my photography more. I'm still quite awful at it, but at least I'm slightly better than I was previously.

Ghosts do not exist

Ghost stories exist, but that's all they are - stories. Created by some people to scare others, and sell things like movies and guided tours.

The worlds greatest blog

You have never read a blog like this before. Seriously, this is no ordinary 'I like these pants and I went to a coffee shop' type of affair.

No Coincidence

I don't believe in coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is usually someones direct actions and choices.

"I give myself 5 stars."


Services available from Stupefied

Website Design

If you have a Small-to-medium business that you want a website for, I'm definitely able to do that. I would rate myself as 'Competent'.

Life Coaching (unqualified)

I have absolutely no experience in life coaching other people, but I've done a damn good job of sorting my own out. Plus, I'm cheap.

Professional Driving

Need a van driver to do deliveries? Or how about a Chauffeur? Amateur Racing Driver? Yes I can tick all those boxes.

Photography & Videography

I love photography and more recently I have also started filming stuff too. Do you need something photo'd or filmed? Call me.