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What is going on?

Hello and welcome along to my odd little website, – The Home of Stu.

I always want to create things that might leave people somewhat ‘stupefied’. That term is generally defined in the dictionary as ‘struck dumb with astonishment’, although I hope in the end it’s in a good way, which is why I created this website. It’s not about anything in particular. There’s a blog, possibly some vlogs, but definitely no clogs. It has opinion, fact, fiction, photos, photoshopped photos and tomfoolery.


So come on in and take a look around, see if there’s something that makes you laugh or expands your mind. Join in, discuss and maybe you can expand my mind too? The internet is full of websites that are purely built for a purpose, but I created this site to be virtually purposeless.

I mostly use this as a test-bed. A place for me to learn new skills (such as HTML, CSS and Photoshop) and share some of my knowledge back.

Photographs tell visual stories

I recently started to practice my photography more. I'm still quite awful at it, but at least I'm slightly better than I was previously.

Time does not exist

Time does not exist. You cannot hold it, see it or travel through it. So why do we base our whole lives around it? I don't know, do you? Also Ghosts don't exist.

The worlds greatest blog

You have never read a blog like this before. Seriously, this is no ordinary 'I like these pants and I went to a coffee shop' type of affair.

There's no such thing as coincidence

I don't believe in coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is usually someones direct actions and choices.

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Someone told me I should make a website, but they had no idea of what would happen. It was like unlocking Pandora's Box. As soon as I created it, the madness spilled out.
Stu Pefied
Escaped Lunatic

"I've won more awards than you've had hot dinners."

Mr. Pefied