About Me.

Are you sure you really want to know more about the kind of person that creates a website like this?

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Who is Stu Pefied?

I have always believed that maintaining a certain amount of anonymity is a good thing. But here are some things about me and this website you might like to know.​

My name is Stu, that much is true.

And I'm just 1 in 7.7 Billion people like you. Most of you won't care who I am, and that's the way I like it. How many people actually know or care who you are? I probably don't know you, so that makes us equal.

I like...

Quotes. The Seasons. Sunshine. Frosty mornings. Travelling by road. Sandwiches. Birds. Vans. Taking Photos of random stuff. Deep thinking. America. Americans.

I don't like...

Cats. Heights. Crowds. Poverty. Politicians. Lies. Users. Blackpool. Europe. Europeans. Flying. Enclosed Spaces. People from Bolton that run Textiles companies that are based in Rochdale.

I'm good at...

Driving cars and vans. Riding (motorcycles). Computery-techy-type-stuff (not claiming to be an expert, but I get by). Farting. Procrastination. Changing my mind. Forgetting things I tell myself not to forget. Writing short sentences.

And that's about all for now...

You don’t need any more information do you? Honestly, anyone would think you’re a government agency trying to spy on me, or a company that’s trying to dig for some dirt so they can get out of paying their invoices.

Where is Stu?

I am very aware that a map of the UK doesn't tell you where I am.

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