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Aren’t blogs amazing? They’re a collection of articles that someone has taken the time to write, often with all their hearts about subjects that really matter to them. Hair and beauty products, computers and gadgets, cars, whatever it is – when someone cares about something, they write a blog about it. Except me. You see, I don’t really have the kind of passions that most people like to talk about. I don’t use anything on my hair, I don’t care about beauty. I don’t know enough about computers or cars to write about them.

Not Like Any Blog You’ve Even Seen

I do however have a passion for alternative thought. For analysing the fabrics of life and questioning our very existence. Or should that be ‘my’ existence. You’ll find this out if you continue to read the articles below. I promise you one thing, at some point you’re going to admit that this is no ordinary blog.

Predictions for 2021

Legalising Marijuana in the UK For far too long now there has been this never ending battle between those that create and uphold the laws

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Reading a ghost story open book with Christmas fairy lights

A Christmas Ghost Story

(A loosely-based adaptation of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’). T’was Christmas eve and as the clock struck midnight a ghost entered my bedroom and spoke

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Ghosts or actually people in sheets

Ghosts Aren’t Real

I’ve never believed in Ghosts. Even as a kid something about the whole idea just didn’t convince me. But the older I get the more

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child using radio listening to Ariana Grande thank u next

Why we should all say ‘Thank you, next’ more often

If your relationship comes to an end, there are a few different ways you can act. But the sensible thing to do is just say ‘Thank u, next’, just like Ariana suggests.

Don’t be one of them douchenozzles that gets all weird and does stupid stuff to try and make yourself feel better.

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a woman or women leaning against a van

I Love My Vehicles Like I Love My Women

This is the first half-decent blog post I have ever written. Although that’s only my opinion. We all have to start somewhere.

It’s about the fact that I’m at a time in my life where I just can’t be bothered any more with relationships. Unless it’s with a van.

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random cow looking at you as a metaphor for life

For once in my life…

I’ve written far too many rubbish blog posts in my life. This is highly likely to be another one. I can’t stop myself.

If I were you I wouldn’t waste my time reading any of this.

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