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Predictions for 2021

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Legalising Marijuana in the UK

For far too long now there has been this never ending battle between those that create and uphold the laws of the UK, and those that just want to consume drugs.

I honestly can’t say that I lean to either side of that divide. I understand the reasons for laws, but I also think that people have the right to do whatever they want to their own bodies. As long as it doesn’t affect others.

So when it comes down to the war on drugs, I’m actually convinced now it would make more sense to decriminalise something like Marijuana. Make it legal. Tax it. Fund the NHS from the tax. And there will probably be a LOT of tax from that. At least in the first 5-10 years as people get ‘carried away’ in the novelty value of it.

I think people are ready now to talk about this sensibly. Let’s start the conversation.

Reducing VAT to restart the economy

Something I can see happening this year is that after all the issues businesses have faced due to Coronavirus, is the way we tax sales and earnings.

There may need to be a change in the Chancellors methods in order to instil some confidence in the public. That could come from reducing the level of VAT that is applied all sales. It’s a heavy tax that burdens every transaction and if it was halved sales would no doubt increase overnight.

Joe Biden ‘retires’ by Christmas, Harris takes over

Ah Joe. You can pretend all you like. But those of us with our eyes open can tell you’re a senile old fool being played like a puppet. With Kamala Harris’ hand up your arse.

He’s probably happy just to go along with it and take the incredible sums of money that will no doubt come his way in the next few months.

I can’t imagine JB serving more than about 18 months as president though. He’ll probably pretend to be suffering from an illness at some point and then make a sharp, discrete exit. Harris will step in. All hell will break loose.

I can actually see America breaking in half (not literally) in the coming years. The UK may even go the same way.

Another ‘Exit’ is filed in the EU

Brexit. the story of much of the 2010’s and onwards. Time will tell if it turns out to be a success or not. Some parts of it will be good. Some parts will be bad. But it’s an interesting topic and I believe it’s not the last ‘Exit’ to happen to the EU project.

I can’t be sure which of the current member nations will pull the trigger to leave. I thought it would be Italy, but France is suddenly leading the race.

It’s going to be a lot of fun for those of us now watching from the sidelines.

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