Project: Avango Couriers

Project Type: Courier Services Business
Location: Manchester, UK
Purpose: To make money of course.

In 2014 I launched Avango Couriers Ltd. I was already a delivery driver and this was to be an upgrade from my self-employed status at that time. I wanted to look more professional and it seemed to me a limited company was the way forward.

Five years later it has so far proven right. The business is still small, but is going through its most profitable period, with a selection of regular customers helping to make strong growth for 2019.

Unfortunately, one thing you have to deal with in business is late paying (or even non-paying) customers.  We had to struggle with one such customer ruining our 2018 but we’re taking the fight to them and will see them in court.

Most of the new business we get comes in regularly through the website, which I made myself and have managed to get ranking on page 1 of Google for some important search terms such as Couriers Manchester.

A lot of our work also comes through local business customers and partnerships with other couriers. Sub-contracting is a huge part of this industry. We do some work for other couriers. They do some for us. There is a mutual respect on most parts with each other’s customers.

Where does A-van-go next?

There are lots of new ideas in the works for Avango, and there are also a number of ‘sideline’ businesses that are connected, including our new platform UK Pallet Delivery and an information site for couriers called Couriers TV.

Take a look at the promo video I made for Avango Couriers myself.

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