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Top 10 Conspiracy Theories for 2021

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I love conspiracy theories. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I believe them. I basically just enjoy the nature of them. Coming up with story lines and figuring out how the plot could work is interesting to me. It keeps my brain active.

Please note there may be some spoilers in this article.

1. The ‘Coronavirus is like Utopia but with a twist’ Conspiracy

Okay here it goes. In Utopia, if I remember correctly, the evil scientists create a way to edit human DNA so that every race apart from Romany’s end up infertile and will eventually die out. The bad guys create a fake virus, and a fake vaccine and trick the good guys into thinking they are going to spread their evil poison through the vaccine. But the twist comes in the fact the vaccine was nothing and the poison was in the everyone’s food? I can’t be sure. It’s been a while since I watched it.

But here’s what how my conspiracy-like-utopia is working out so far.

I think China has developed a way to edit genetic code and embed something into a virus so that everyone on earth, except the Chinese, will eventually become infertile. Upon figuring this out, the governments of every other race/nation on earth had to do what they could to protect their citizens.

That’s why the lockdowns happened. They were for our own good.
That’s also why the vaccines are being given to older people too. They are being tested on the old to check they are safe to give to the younger generations who are still able to procreate.

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